invalid box code

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invalid box code

Post by turboscuba » Tue Aug 02, 2016 11:23 pm

wont load several box codes , and also says unable to locate pcm file for this box code.

chris sent me a factory lightning tune and i can see it ,,, from saved tuning files from special forces gas

but when i click on it it says invavid box code 1019...

any help would be great, thanks

ive also tried all the lightning box codes and none will work

it does work on a 99 gt with gtg2 box code however.

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Sniper Chris
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Re: invalid box code

Post by Sniper Chris » Thu Aug 04, 2016 9:58 am

Unless you have all the stock Lightning files in the Original Files folder then it would be correct to not work. Keep in mind our software doesn't come with any tunes (stock or modified). It's only designed to modify files that are read from the vehicle (or files that have been emailed).
When you open Special Forces and choose "Start a new tune", you're typing in CUX2 for the computer box code? If so and you're still getting the error message then you need to check a few more things.

1. Make sure the stock file I emailed you (or any other stock file you may have) is in the "Original Files" folder
2. Make sure the "Original Files" folder is in the Delta Force Tuning folder
3. Make sure the stock file is the correct size (112kb, 224kb, 448kb, 531kb, 1024kb). For the Lightning it should be 224-225kb
4. Make sure you're typing in CUX2 for the computer box code of the file I sent you in the SF software
5. Make sure the required template is in the "Templates" or "TRM Files" folder. It should be MRAD3.tmpl
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