Sniper Tuning Interface Stuck in Bootloader Mode

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Sniper Tuning Interface Stuck in Bootloader Mode

Postby Seanbo98 » Sun Sep 27, 2015 9:42 am

I just recently got my sniper tuning system from the previous owner of my mach 1 mustang and am having issues. For one I don't think he saved the stock tune unless it can be saved in a spot other then position 6? The main issue though is I went to read vehicle info since the mach 1 box code of zya2 is not recognized but it appears to have gotten stuck on the reading. The program wasn't responding but I left it overnight before unfortunately I had to unplug it. Now the 7th led is always red when I plug it in and it is stuck in "bootloader mode" does anybody have new firmware I can flash to the box to get it operational again? Also any ideas where I could eventually get the stock tune for my car? Thanks in advance I really hope my interface isn't ruined...

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Re: Sniper Tuning Interface Stuck in Bootloader Mode

Postby Sniper Chris » Mon Sep 28, 2015 11:13 am

What version is your kit? There should be a small round sticker on the Interface box with a hand written number on it. If it's not there then when you open the Multiloader software (with Interface connected) it should give you a version near the bottom right corner. If it's version 19 or older then you can try updating it. If it's version 23 then it would have to be sent in. We can reset it for you at no cost but you would need to cover shipping cost.
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