Special Forces Software Issues

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Special Forces Software Issues

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I have had the Special Software and load box for a couple of years now and I have enjoyed it very much for my 97 Cobra. Just recently I changed injectors on the car so I needed to make the necessary adjustments. Here's where the problem is. The computer I'm currently using is completely different from the one I had before when I used the software to make the current tunes on the load box. Of course I reinstalled the software from the provided disk and the programs open and mostly function correctly. The problem is the software does not recognize the cars PCM info in Mutiloader. I click the "Read Interface" to retrieve the information from the load box, but it doesn't work. The lights on the box start flashing and the software freezes. After disconnecting the load box and terminating Mutiloader with Windows Task Manager, on restart of Mutiloader it takes like 30 seconds to load up then gives a error message stating it was having trouble reading the interface. In Special Forces, I'm unable to create a new tune. Directly after entering the Computer Code, I get a message saying the ECU code isn't found. So obviously I can't make the adjustments I currently need for my car. Ideas?
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Re: Special Forces Software Issues

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In order to create a tune with Special Forces you must have your stock file saved into the Original Files folder. If it's not there you cannot create a tune. Being that you're using a different pc/laptop than when you originally created a tune (years ago) I would suspect your stock file is not in the Original Files folder of the new pc/laptop.

You stock file should be in position 6 of the Interface. If it is, save that file to your pc/laptop and then you should be able to create a new tune. If it's not in position 6 then I should be able to email you a stock file. You will need to let me know what your computer box code it.
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