Interface update for v12 & v13 - November 29, 2007

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Interface update for v12 & v13 - November 29, 2007

Post by Sniper Chris » Thu Nov 29, 2007 7:37 pm

Interface Update Version 15 (not Recon)

This update is to correct the pcm writing error and Recon error for vehicle's equipped with the EEC-V pcm. You MUST return your vehicle to stock before updating to Version 15!
This update will ONLY work with Sniper Interface boxes that are Version 12 or 13. Any Interface that is older than Version 12, THIS WILL NOT WORK! Those units must be sent in.

Please read and understand these directions completely before getting started. Failure to follow these directions can cause the Interface to lock-up which will then require you to send us the Interface. There's no second chance. So if you have any questions or doubts, please give us a call and we'll be glad to walk you through over the phone.

Step 1: Down load these 4 files into the Sniper Performance folder located at: C:\Program Files\Sniper Performance (located at bottom of this page).
a) Sniper Multiloader Utility.exe*
b) V15_Part1.upd
c) V15_Part2.upd
d) Installation Instructions_v15 update

* When downloading/saving to your pc, you will get a message that says "This file already exists, Do you want to replace it?" Choose YES.

Step 2: After you saved all 4 files to your pc, confirm the correct Multiloader has been installed. To do this:
a) Open the Sniper Multiloader (doesn't matter at this time whether the Interface box is plugged in or not)

b) Once open, Right click on the top blue border where it says "Sniper Multiloader Utility" and choose "About Sniper Multiloader Utility". It should say Version 4.1.

c) If it doesn't say Version 4.1 then Repeat Step #1.

d) If it says Version 4.1, then continue to Step #3.

Step 3: Plug the Interface into your pc via the USB cable

Step 4: Wait 5 seconds and then open the Sniper Multiloader (All 7 LED's will come on as normal)

Step 5: Click on UPDATE FIRMWARE

Step 6: A window will pop open, Navigate to the Sniper Performance folder and select/highlight the file: V15_Part1.upd, then click OPEN.

Step 7: LED #7 will immediately turn red and after about 5 seconds the status bar will move across the bottom of the Multiloader. When completed, LED's 1-6 will blink on/off and LED 7 will be solid green.

Step 8: On the Multiloader, click on QUIT to close it down.

Step 9: Unplug the USB cable from the Interface and then plug the USB back into the Interface. Only LED's 5, 6 & 7 will be solid green

Step 10: Unplug the USB cable from the Interface again.

Step 11: Press and hold the Right Button (button B). While you're holding the button in, plug the USB cable into the Interface. LED #7 will turn red.

Step 12: Let go of the Right Button. LED #7 will remain red.

Step 13: Open the Sniper Multiloader. A message will pop up that say "Interface is in Bootloader only mode". Click OK

Step 14: Click on UPDATE FIRMWARE

Step 15: A window will pop open, Navigate to the Sniper Performance folder and select/highlight the file: V15_Part2.upd, then click OPEN.

Step 16: LED #7 will remain red and the Multiloader status bar will scroll across. You have completed the update. A window will not pop open notifying you that the update is completed, however the STATUS will say "Finished updating firmware".

Step 17: While LED #7 is still red, click on QUIT on the Multiloader and then unplug the USB cable.

Step 18: Confirm that your Interface has been updated. Plug the USB cable back into the Interface, wait 5 seconds and open the Multiloader

Step 19: At the bottom right of the Multiloader screen, the Firmware Revision should say "15".

Note: If you have a sticker on your Interface box that says v12 or v13, you might want to cross it off and change it to v15. This might speed up any future tech support. ... _Part1.upd ... _Part2.upd ... Utilty.exe ... update.pdf
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