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7.3 4R100 Torque Converter locking

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:29 am
by blklightning1
Hi everyone,
I have been attempting the change how the torque converter locks after 3-4 gear change. I have VDH2 hex code with commando tuning. I want the converter to lock at 39 mph, not 43 and stay locked till 37 mph based on the roads I daily drive on. I have changed every PID I believe relates to TC control to no success. I can change gear change mph shift points, TC delay after gear change and lock/unlock rate vs TP rate in/out.
Nothing has worked to lower the 43 mph TC lock point that ford originally programed?

Any guidance would be appreciated please.

Mike Miller

Re: 7.3 4R100 Torque Converter locking

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:34 pm
by Sniper Chris
For your year vehicle, Ford locks the trans in 3rd. You might be feeling 4th gear shift. I've attached a pic. Try this change and see how it works.
TNAA4.VDH2 shift.jpg
TNAA4.VDH2 shift.jpg (222.35 KiB) Viewed 865 times

Re: 7.3 4R100 Torque Converter locking

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:10 pm
by blklightning1
I am locking the converter in 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The TNNA4.VHD2 template recently received from you guys has PIDs for all gears to allow locking the TC. Also, I can lock it in 1st gear if I choose, since I pull a car hauler, I don't.
But, whoever broke down the strategy or ford's powertrain engineers did less than a complete job. I have Quarterhorse and BE with pops racing AKCO strategy on a 93 F150 with E4OD, I can program so much more and make the transmission do everything I want this 4R100 to do. The 4R100 pids for locking and unlocking TC in 4th gear have very small numbers in the original read of the PCM. If you try to create a table like the 3rd gear shift pts via the screen shot, the TC will not lock in 4th gear ever! Same if you increase those numbers much beyond original programming. I have a feeling its due to the VHD2 hex code and fords lousy job of programming. The AKCO hex code was a joke too from ford, it took me quite a long time to get the engine to hot/cold start and trans to shift the way I want it. Note: the F150 has big injectors, my mass air harness, heads, custom cam, TF intake big fuel system and boost, so I had to change a lot. Cold/hot start is better than oem, drivability is better too, anyone one can get in, start it and drive away, no over heating, cold ac etc. So, it is possible to get oem driveability from a performance package - takes time. Of course I can perform real time tuning as someone drives the truck too.
Back to my 4R100 issues - I have found info that says the PMT hex code for 7.3 & 4R100 has the best shifting strategy, but I have no way to confirm that w/o seeing the pids for myself. I have got the trans tuned now where I can live with it, the 4R100 has been built with extra clutches, valve body, pump mods by me, similar to the E4OD that rocks, also a custom low stall, triple disc billet converter. With my tuning of the turbo, injectors, timing and now limited trans tuning I can do, truck is much better driver and tow vehicle. Yes, in hind sight I see better solutions out there, but for the price point I was willing to spend to attempt correcting fords lackluster job of powertrain programming it will do. Long post - all true findings. Wish there was more people sharing info here like some other forums. If I can help anyone understand 4R100 and/or E4OD pids, ask away please.