97 GT with Paxton Supercharger

4.6L Modular 4 valve engine and 4.6L Modular 2 valve engine
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97 GT with Paxton Supercharger

Post by jagcar74 » Sat Feb 24, 2018 5:40 pm

I'm new to this software. I have a 97 mustang GT with a Paxton Novi 2000 on it. I'm wondering if anybody has ever done any tunning with a Paxton or similar supercharger. I need some advice on what needs to be changed other then fuel and timing. Thanks.

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Re: 97 GT with Paxton Supercharger

Post by Sniper Chris » Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:19 am

If you use our Special Forces tuning software then you will just need to know what modifications the car has. Special Forces software will ask you a bunch of questions and you just click on the right answer. Based on that, the software will adjust fuel and timing. After that, you do have the ability to tweak fuel and timing some. Keep in mind, selecting the wrong answers will cause the software to make a poor tune. For example, if your car has 42# injectors and you select that is has 60# injectors then the tune will not perform well.
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