97 cobra tune help

4.6L Modular 4 valve engine and 4.6L Modular 2 valve engine
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97 cobra tune help

Post by Toms97cobra » Tue May 24, 2016 11:22 am

I have been working with the software (special forces) for a few weeks and like how easy it is. I haven't figured out commando yet but not to worried about it yet.

FYI I have a completely stock 97 cobra with no cats and h pipe and flow 40's on it. I installed a fuel pressure gauge and a/f meter on the pillar in the car. at idle I run 29 psi, 14.6:1. normal driving with a little gas it will hit about 13.4:1. WOT it seems to balance at 11.5:1 with a fuel pressure of 39. Now I have seen it goes into the 10's and hold but will creep into the 11's as rpm increase. I can defiantly feel a huge performance increase for sure. but it seems that I hit a flat spot around 6k rpm. what I mean I can feel the car pull like hell till about 6 and it seems the pull lessens or flattens off. FYI this is how I have it set up right now so that you know and maybe you see something I did wrong of to much......
spark adder
low +4
global +2

fuel adder
low .6
med .6
high .6
global p 1.1
global f 1.1

imrc fitment removed
h- pipe not cats
off road exhaust
93 octane

any advice for me (the new guy)
I am not using commando yet because I don't want to mess with it till I understand it better ( but I do have commando ).... but I am open to any ideas and advice so I can learn more about it. thought I would ask before I just start playing with the timing and fuel. I have put a few different tunes on it and this one is by far the best so far by leaps and bounds ........

thanks guys

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