Any advice for 97 cobra

4.6L Modular 4 valve engine and 4.6L Modular 2 valve engine
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Any advice for 97 cobra

Postby Toms97cobra » Wed May 18, 2016 7:53 am

Any advice for timing and fuel settings on a 97 cobra with 50,000 miles. i am running auto light coppers gaped at 45. I have no cats, off-road h-pipe, imrc's are deleted(tied open till I get the deletes). right now I have a basic 93 octane tune on it and off-road exhaust to turn off aft O2's. I set it to h-pipe no cats but not sure if it is taking it, but that's a post in another forum. everything else is stock set up....... I do have commando should get my key today. thanks ...... love the software no more irritating code for not having cats......

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