06 mustang GT

300hp 3V 4.6L Engine, or a 210hp 4.0L V6 Engine.
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06 mustang GT

Post by Richy04 » Mon May 11, 2015 10:37 am

Hi Rich here,

I bought my tuner back in 06 or 07. I used it with my 04 Marauder. I rolled the marauder back to stock and sold it and regained my bullet. I now want to use the tuning package on my 06 Mustang GT 5 speed. I have the upgraded software with the ability to tune by the questions asked or by going into the tables. My questions are:

What do I need to move this over to my mustang? Template etc..?

I plan on purchasing hot rod cams from Frpp and it requires tweaks in tuning. They give you the tune but it's in sct format. I pretty sure they tell you what the tune does in the docs, so I may be able to work it from there.

My box code is TJF1.

Thanks for any help

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Sniper Chris
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Re: 06 mustang GT

Post by Sniper Chris » Tue May 12, 2015 9:42 am

When the Commando kit is purchased you get:
-Special Forces software (entry level)
-Delta Force software (professional level)
-One template (for professional software)
-Hardware (Interface box & cables)
With this in mind, to tune your second vehicle (Mustang) with the professional software then you will need to purchase another template. If you do not want to purchase another template then you would be able to tune the Mustang with the Special Forces software at no additional cost. However, Special Forces doesn't really support camshaft modifications so it may or may not work out perfectly for you. To have full control and dial in the tune perfectly then you would need the Delta Force software (professional).
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