Job Well Done.

300hp 3V 4.6L Engine, or a 210hp 4.0L V6 Engine.
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Job Well Done.

Post by drakkhen_20 » Tue Oct 02, 2007 11:50 pm

Yet another success from the guys at sniper. I just put headers on my 07 GT and she was alittle testy when driving but Pat helped again.Future plans is I have to put it on the dyno Nov. 7 and I'll let you all know how its doing. I'm sure some of you are intrested. I'm a small town guy trying to make my car GO FAST! MUHAHA. But I've been very busy with the car, since 2 weeks ago I've installed a Steeda CAI then after struggling with that (tuning process)installed the Sniper MAF Sensore. Ran ok but still needs fine tuning. Then not even 3 days I've installed the headers and threw the car off again (No CATS,sounds like a '67 with a 390 in it).Sorry for the post but I'm very proud of myself DARNIT. :D And I like boasting about my favorite product that I'm very satisfied with. Another BIG THANK YOU to the guys at sniper and all you guys on the Forums that help. ;) Job Well Done.

P.S.- How do you put pics on here? I've tried and tried and can't figure it out!
I can rip a 302 apart and put it back together but I can't post any pics :oops:
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Re: Job Well Done.

Post by Sniper Chris » Wed Oct 10, 2007 5:21 pm

Just below where you post your comment (below the Green line) you'll see a BROWSE button. Click on that and select the picture you want to upload. Once selected, click on ADD THE FILE button. This may take a few moments and you'll be promted when the upload is completed. Once completed, then click on the SUBMIT button.
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