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Custom Tune Info

Post by squirrelcv » Sat Oct 27, 2007 8:27 am

I have a few questions about a custom tune.

How much does a custom tune cost (typically)?
Will I be able to modify the file in Special Forces?
What can be modified in a custom tune that SF can't change?

I'd just like to know my options. I have a 4R70W transmission in my GT, and I'd like to bump the TC lockup speed to around 50 mph if possible. Around town it locks up too soon and I always have to downshift. The way I have everything set up right now, if the car downshifts it spins the tires. (yes, I need to work on that). I've even spun them on the highway to avoid a potential accident. I fishtailed for about 200ft and finally regained traction.

If I do get the TC lockup changed to 50, will there be any adverse effects on my transmission's valvebody or TC?

Thanks as always,
2000 Mustang GT
Kenne Bell 2.1l @ 9spi + Nitrous Express @ 15
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