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diesel 2006
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Commando Help

Post by diesel 2006 » Mon Nov 05, 2007 10:31 am

I have just started working with the commando unit and had questions about the definitions on the charts and tables. I was reading the instruction on the software and there is a help function for description of the charts and tables. i have tried many times to make this function work with no luck. Am i doing something wrong? All i want to do i get my truck working right. Matt 66 got me started and going down the road. So i took that information and started tweeking with no avail. Is there more settings that i have to change on the commando than what the special forces changes to make it function. i tried using just the special forces and the truck did not run well. Matt 66 made some changes and it is better but needs refined.
The motor seems to have what you might call spark knock at off idle rpm but it idles better.
When the engine warms up the motor will then start idling at 1100 rpm but cold it idles normal or when you shut off the truck. When cruising at a constant speed the motor tends to jerk like i am stabbing the throttle. slowly i am figuring it out but i want to figure it out faster. What things do i need to look at changing. i need to know what i can tweek!
A quick low down
2000 Ford F350
6 speed ZF tranmission
Stage 2 single shot injectors
adjuctable fuel pressure regulator
3.5" down pipe bank power elbow
4 inch exhaust
afe intake
six gunn tuner banks
Thanks for any help

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Warrant Officer 5
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Re: Commando Help

Post by Mattr66 » Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:17 am

I have a feeling your injectors are just a bit on the sloppy side (big nozzles and stock 7:1 pressure ratio)...... you probably need to pull fuel back from the FDCS Pulsewidth table everywhere. The axes of this table are ICP (injection control pressure) and desired fuel (similar to VE). just scale the numbers back and see if that helps.

Matt R
Matt Robinson
Delta Force Gas and Diesel Tuner

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