Fuel Injector Timing Table ...need spreadsheet to calculate events

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Fuel Injector Timing Table ...need spreadsheet to calculate events

Post by Marc97gt » Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:24 pm

I wanted to know if there was a spreadsheet available to calculate the values in the Fuel injector timing table when aftermarket cams with longer durations and higher lift are used.

I have a 4.6 with a Vortech, 60# injectors, and blower cams, and want to improve fuel economy if possible.

The Base Tune calculated by Special Forces assumed the OEM Injector timing data listed below.
Load Injector Timing (500 - 6000 rpm)
.05 308
.1 308
.2 308
.3 280
.4 252
.5 224
.6 192
.75 152

I want to know how to calculate the injector time events to make sure the fuel start and stop events correspond to the specific cams in the car.
Current Fuel economy is 15 mpg on a good day. Daily driver

Bullet Cam Specs are below
Intake events @ 0.050 228* Intake / 238* exhaust
Intake events @ 0.006 268* Intake / 278* exhaust
Lobe Separation 114
Lobe lift .3056/.3056
Gross Valve Lift w/1.8 rockers .550 / .550
In OP In CL ex Op ex CL
Timing events .050 4 44 57 1

If anyone has a spreadsheet for calculating the Injector timing events based on the cam and injector specs, please let me know.

Any help would be appreciated.


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